All the best things that happened in 2015

  • Swam with a sea turtle and lots of other amazing, beautiful things in Puerto Rico, like going to a coffee farm and hiking a mountain through a tropical thunderstorm
  • Built the cabin with my dad, wrote the newsletter to go with it, and opened it for rent
  • Got a vocal coach
  • Transitioned to a new job
  • Got into grad school, got a first semester 3.7
  • Said yes to being on a board and a YP groups, said yes to running for a local government position, said yes to getting back to the gym
  • Embraced my apartment and started redecorating
  • Bridesmaided and bachelorette partied
  • Loved a lot of people a whole bunch
  • Read a bunch of books, finally
  • Took two trips to California, and one to Miami, and one to New York
  • Ran a treadmill 5k
  • Felt different and better about the way I consider the mind-body, about priorities, about life balance
  • Turned 27, liked it
  • Spent quality time connecting with and understanding my sister
  • Tried to come home for dinner more

It was a really good year.

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