Things I will miss when I’m no longer human

  • The feeling of the flats of my feet hitting the ground as I walk.
  • My hip flexors moving.
  • The feeling that I get when I stretch my neck as I point the crown of my head backwards to the floor and roll it from side to side.
  • The feeling on the crown of my head, when I start to smile in my eyes and my mouth and all of the skin pulls back, and I feel an expression of joy that I’m not sure I can quite explain.
  • My eyes watering when I feel excited or happy or in love or scared.
  • My mouth watering when I’m hungry and everything smells good.
  • The way my body responds with feelings of joy when the corners of my mouth move back into a smile, intentional or not.
  • Embracing someone.
  • That weird feeling on my eyeballs, when the night is cool, maybe around 68°, and I’m a little bit tired but I’m walking briskly, and I can feel the air around me waking me up.
  • Rolling down power windows.
  • Bass in the car.
  • The clicks and beeps and bells of happy electronic notifications.
  • The steering wheel going back to center after a turn.
  • Sweat.

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