Hats: Grandview roof lines in the summer

“Hats” is a series of photos of roof lines backed by sky, taken on my walks through Grandview Heights and the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.


May 2017

It’s been super beautiful in Columbus this month, and I’m grateful for the time here. I’m keying into Grandview, living a walkable and bikeable life, and loving my apartment; it’s small but spacious. The windows are great, the wood floors are beautiful, and it’s a place I continually make functionally and happily my own, as I please.

Photos from the Women’s March on Washington

Friends marched literally around the world and I could not have been more inspired. There were so many people in D.C. that we could barely march. On the ride home, my friend and I discussed how we as white women can support women of color in the fight for equal rights. Hope you also had an inspiring weekend!