All of the best things that happened in 2018

  • Went sledding on January 1, 2018
  • Had a cozy winter weekend retreat at the cabin with Tracie, shared bubbly and happy reiki energy
  • Went snowboarding for the first time since high school, with Lisa
  • Visited Philly again, went out with Nora and Garth, and visited with Dad’s friends Fred and Beth
  • Helped plan a visit for Paul Simon
  • Went backpacking for the first time, survived and learned a lot
  • Saw Neil’s incredible exhibition of Russian artwork at the Columbus Museum of Art, in a tour that he led (beautifully)
  • Took a semester’s worth of private swim lessons and finally fixed my freestyle stroke
  • Wrote my capstone research paper
  • Graduated with my Masters degree
  • Did my second 31 Day Minimalist challenge
  • Vacationed with the girls and the gang in upstate New York
  • Took sewing lessons
  • Started sewing my handmade wardrobe
  • Took a suite of cooking classes
  • Kept up with going to the gym
  • Made some strong personal decisions about my health
  • Learned the basics of West Coast Swing, with Neil
  • Met Senator Sherrod Brown
  • Vacationed in Colorado with family (we called it going to “craft camp”)
  • Rode a horse (with my dad, in Colorado)
  • Celebrated the Jewish holidays with Mom and Nora
  • Celebrated Marla becoming a mom
  • Got back to New York City (for a family wedding)
  • Saw a full rainbow
  • Co-hosted a comedy show that ended up being belly-laugh hilarious all the way through
  • Celebrated Natasha’s wedding in Cleveland with Dena and Jon
  • Got a Spanish conversation partner
  • Bought new hiking boots
  • Co-hosted a huge canvass to knock doors for the midterm elections; canvassed a bunch to try and get my candidates elected
  • Drew our first profit from the cabin
  • Saw friends who came back to town for the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoyed a few of those semi-hysterical laughs that kids get, but not adults, which can only be conjured in the presence of good childhood friends
  • Watched TBDBITL open the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, at home with my parents
  • Watched Ohio State beat Michigan with my dad, in 50-yard line C-deck seats
  • Learned to use a serger
  • Started learning Portuguese
  • Saw friends and family over the Christmas and New Years holidays

This might sound funny, but in a lot of ways, it felt like a quiet year that left me with some questions about what I want. Here’s hoping for an exciting and inspired 2019.

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