All of the best things that happened in 2017

  • Finished all my coursework and applied to graduate for my master’s program
  • Identified a capstone paper topic so that I can graduate
  • Learned three new software programs (Tableau, Excel, Stata)
  • Became attuned to reiki level 2
  • Shared reiki
  • Took the best, most memorable, so-perfect-I-kind-of-can’t-believe-it-happened vacation with my mom, dad, and sister through England and Wales.
    • Met Phillipa (London). Met Paul and Pauline (Wales). Met Dave (Liverpool). Met Judy Chicago (also Liverpool).
    • Dad got his approval for faculty emeritus status at the Lion Inn in Winchcombe, the Cotswolds. Was slightly cranky that we dragged him to both Cardiff and Bath, but I think it was worth it in the end.
    • I think Nora was cranky that we didn’t let her walk to Bath. I never knew the woman liked to walk so much.
    • Mom had the best time at the beach in Tenby, where we had arguable our best and most cozy-feeling-family meal of the trip, a seafood and lamb dinner.
    • Saw Beautiful, the Carole King musical, in the West End
    • Got to see one of my best friends in South London, and visit her and her husband’s new apartment
  • Caught minimalist fever and rid myself of 600 items (and counting)
  • Composted almost all year
  • Got to talk with renowned climate scientist pioneer Dr. EMT
  • Went to Skull Session and the football game the day my dad was recognized on the field as a Distinguished Professor
  • Worked graduation the day Marla got her MA; got to find her and say hello
  • Maintained a curly bob until autumn
  • Planted a couple of trees in front of the apartment with Mom and Dad
  • Helped plant the south side fruit park
  • 29th birthday dinner in Grandview with a serendipitous running-into old neighbors
  • Joined and performed with the Harmony Project Spirit of Columbus choir
  • Got sense knocked into me and dropped out, because I don’t need another extracurricular
  • Performed live music with a friend at a bar in Clintonville (why not? say yes!)
  • Flew to Florida for a wedding
  • Drove to Nashville to see a friend (cue night at the honky tonk)
  • Flew to Atlanta to see a friend (and SZA) (and Ria’s Bluebird Cafe. Twice.)
  • Drove to DC with a friend for the Women’s March on Washington; got to see a friend’s bachelor pad, a college friend, and a friend from Berlin
  • Hosted ward meetings. People came.
  • Saw so many friends who live in or visit Columbus, from the top of the year to the bottom
  • Watched the eclipse with the office crew
  • Saw a friend’s Russian art collection at the museum, and attended his guided tour
  • Heard Valerie June play live
  • Surprised mom at her retirement party
  • Mom beat cancer
  • Went vegan and gluten free for 30 days and loved it
  • Did a bunch of weight training and loved it
  • Had a solo weekend in Hocking Hills
  • Had a weekend with a friend to Songbird in Hocking Hills
  • Had a family Thanksgiving in Hocking Hills
  • Enjoyed enthusiastically pushing my diet on my family by making green smoothies for Thanksgiving breakfast. They played along so they are keepers. The dog refused her portion.
  • Went to the Ohio State-Penn State nail-biter of a football game
  • Got to see two friend’s new homes (friends! who are homeowners!)
  • Learned to make tinctures
  • Nora started a new job
  • Continued to value work and all the incredible things it teaches me
  • Did some top-notch neighborhood dining out

Feeling very grateful for 2017. Happy for life. Inviting compassion, gratitude, and focus to 2018. Thank you for reading!


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