February 2017

Without regard for my feelings about the too-quick passage of time, February arrived. I looked back over my January goals. What did I accomplish and what fell by the wayside? Writing here wasn’t a priority for January, but it happened anyways, so I’ll own it this month. My priorities list is part aspiration, part assessment. Work and school take up most of my time; they’re on the list. In service to our daydreams, we can put up almost comical blinders around our active, usually positive commitments. I constantly relearn the lesson that ignoring commitments doesn’t magically make time for extra hobbies. Oh, that’s just me?

Out of nowhere, house-hunting has emerged. If you’ve met my family, perhaps this is not ‘out of nowhere’ — my dad and I would often go to open houses for fun. We would talk to the realtor about likely bids (my dad), examine the floors, furnace, and fixtures (both of us) and assess the number of rooms with south-facing sun (me). I saw a beautiful house in Clintonville in January, up the street from a friend. I arrived late but the realtor said that at least 40 young couples had been through the house already. Two more arrived while I was there. I bypassed a look at the furnace.

In large text in my planner, I wrote, “TIME TO START SEWING AGAIN,” but when I wrote my monthly priorities list, it didn’t make it. For all that I’ve done, I’m still learning, and I need blocks of uninterrupted time for those types of craft projects. This is the hobby where I badly want my ideas to flow smoothly into real life. I penciled it in for May, as a reminder that if I want to set an intention and goal, I’ll need to make space for it to flourish.

In this spirit of intention setting: this February, wishing you warmth, practicality, consistency, and care.

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