All the best things that happened in 2016

  • Finally found a furniture arrangement that works for my apartment
  • Got elected!
  • Gave up gluten, loved it
  • Did a month of yoga
  • Spent time with my mom, dad, and sister
  • Dug into work
  • Learned a bunch about posture after a number of appointments for medical massage (a win in the end)
  • Visited New Orleans, LA; Tivoli, NY; Nelsonville, OH; Hocking Hills; Atlanta, GA
  • Spent time with rad friends
  • Meditated for the first time
  • I took the GRE!
  • Sold the Jetta and bought the Civic
  • Realized a movie theater near my work has $5 Tuesdays
  • Crafted some great and empowering mantras
  • Read tarot
  • Matriculated 50% of the way through my MA

Thank you, 2016. Ready for 2017.

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