Summer Chill

Safavid Court, image from
Safavid Court, image from
Ice Building
Ice Building

Summer 2008 was hot, and I was living in Philadelphia, interning at the Museum of Art. One of the ways we’d get kids to understand why Persians might use a cool blue tile to adorn their mosques and other buildings was to ask them what they’d most want in a desert. Water, the pool, ice–all of the answers were cool and blue. I hadn’t thought about Safavid Court in years but when I was driving somewhere around Innis Road a few weeks ago, with it sweltering outside, I saw a cement block building. It was painted, of all things, light blue. So far as I can tell, it’s an urban igloo. A funny little connection to Safavid, indeed.

summertime post, Jun 7, 2013

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