Unidentified Female

Saw the transcriptions for a training session at my work today, which took place with our group of thirty-some volunteers, primarily retirees. Training is a lecture peppered by commentary and questions. Everybody’s got a good question; excitement levels are high! My favorite quotes from their collective fabulous and weirdly amalgamated transcripted persona, “Unidentified Female,” below.

Unidentified Female: Louder

Unidentified Female: Is this whole gallery female artists?

Unidentified Female: We’re doing okay.

Unidentified Female: That’s the music…

Unidentified Female: Like you make a cigarette.

Unidentified Female: It’s more of a ballet.

Unidentified Female: [unknown question]

Unidentified Female: It was in the New York Times.

Unidentified Female: Sunkissed, I like that.

Unidentified Female: And that’s the whole gallery.

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